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Myths About Asbestos

It is important to get asbestos removal as soon as possible. However, there are a lot of myths that prevent people from getting asbestos removal. The following are myths about asbestos that need to be debunked.


Myth: Asbestos is Safe in Small Doses


Fact: Many people do not get asbestos removed because they do not believe that it is harmful in small amounts. However, even if you breath in small amounts of asbestos, it can do serious damage to your lungs. That is why it is important for all asbestos to be removed. The amount of it does not matter.


Myth: Asbestos is Only Dangerous if You are Exposed to it for a Long Time


Fact: You likely will not get sick if you have only been exposed to asbestos for a few days. However, many people believe that the only ones who get mesothelioma are the ones who have been exposed to it for long periods of time. Some do not know the difference between latency period and long-term exposure.


The latency period is a time that a condition is dormant. Many people do not develop mesothelioma until 30 years after they have been exposed to the asbestos.


Myth: Asbestos Only Affects Men


Fact: In the 20th century, men were typically the only ones who worked in industries that used asbestos. That is why they were more likely to develop mesothelioma. It is estimated that there are four times as many men who have mesothelioma as women. However, this condition is still fairly common in women.


Myth: There are no Asbestos Alternatives


Fact: Asbestos was often called a miracle mineral. However, there are still alternative to it. For example, silica can be used in the place of asbestos. For more ideas read on Asbestos Removal Sydney.

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