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Asbestos remains a major problem in many homes. Asbestos was a substance that was at one-time commonly used as a form of insulation in homes and was prized for its low cost and high insulation value. Despite of these benefits, it was identified as a major health risk and banned for future use. When inhaled, asbestos is a carcinogen and poses a significant health risk. While it is no longer used in homes, it is still present in many homes. When identified, it is important to have asbestos removed from your home as quickly as possible with trained technicians providing the service. However, understanding when it is likely that asbestos is present in your home can be a real challenge and working to have it removed efficiently and effectively is the real challenge.

Finding Asbestos in a Home

Asbestos often lives behind the drywall in a home and is out of sight. In one way this is a real positive as it prevents homeowners from inhaling it easily. On the other hand, it poses a longer term risk as it is hard to detect. To do so, holes often have to be drilled into the drywall and a formal inspection is needed. This can be expensive and not a cost that many homeowners want to bear when there may not be any asbestos in a home. Homeowners should look to the date when the home was first built and see if asbestos was commonly in use then. If so, and if the home has never previously been inspected for asbestos, an asbestos inspection should be performed.

Removing Asbestos from Your Home

Removing asbestos from your home is not a do-it-yourself project. Hire a consultant who is trained in the removal of asbestos and can limit the potential health impact that asbestos removal can cause. They can also provide you with a certification that the asbestos removal was effective and done in accordance with regulations which can be presented to a future buyer of your home.

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